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The Prophylaxis Patient

A prophylaxis is the type of cleaning the every one expects at the dental office. It involves removing stain plaque and hardened deposits called calculus from ABOVE the gumline. The procedure is done by the hygienist using floss, hand scalers and rubber cups with polishing paste. Prophylaxis is performed only on patients with little inflammation and only minor localized pocketing. When the dentist measures the gums around the teeth in a normal patient, the probing depths are no more than 2 or 3 mm. Prophylaxis is not appropriate on patients who have progressed beyond the minor redness and bleeding of gingivitis.

The Debridement Patient

Sometimes a patient presents with so much plaque and calculus buildup, it is impossible to completely visualize the teeth or completely probe the depths of the pocketing of the gums without pain and bleeding. In this case a regular "cleaning" or prophylaxis is not possible, and a more aggressive procedure called a FULL MOUTH DEBRIDEMENT is necessary. It involves gross of the bulk of the buildup on teeth as a patient can tolerate without anesthesia. This will allow for the gums to begin the process of healing and more importantly it makes a thorough examination possible.

The Periodontal Patient

When a patient comes to the dental office with periodontal disease, the pocketing in the gums that the dentist measures around the tooth is 3mm or greater. These pockets will also bleed when the dentist probes them. See Dental Hygiene Services for more information.